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Monday the 30th of November 2015 is the first day of 3rd IGMC
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Dr. Deema Hussain

Deema Hussain
King Fahd Medical Research Centre
Touched by the possibility of “curing cancer” I set up my career plan at the age of 12. Genetics and Biochemistry seemed to hold the keys to identify such cure. So I completed my BSc. in Genetics and Biochemistry at the University Of Wales (UK) in conjunction with a Windsor Fellowship for Management. I became fascinated with the connection of chromosome segregation stability and cancer and decided to deepen my knowledge further. I moved to the University Of Manchester (UK), where I investigated the role of the kinetochore protein CENP-F, and in particular the effect of farnesyl transferase inhibitors on its stability during cell division. It soon became apparent to me that even though cytotoxic chemotherapy was approved for the use of cancer treatment, a sea of knowledge for the impact of such drugs on the human cell was still to be discovered. I moved on to a pharmacogenomics research group at the Manchester Institute for Cancer Research (UK), and began to study the cellular response of neuroblastomas to therapeutic drugs with a particular attention to hypoxic and apoptotic pathways.
I continued on the pharmacogenomics pathway by evaluating pre-clinically a novel therapeutic reagent, in a range of paediatric tumours in vitro and in vivo. At the time it became apparent that tumours of the Central Nervous System (CNS) pose the greatest challenge in onco-pharmacology. So I took a new post as senior research fellow at the University of Nottingham (UK), where I investigated the role of cancer stem cells in drug resistance in paediatric CNS tumours. Currently I am working at King Fahd Medical Research Centre, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah (KSA), with a group of medical experts who have a passion to work on CNS tumours. Since I joined I established a collection of tissues and primary cell lines for CNS tumours and began a research path investigating the mechanisms of drug-induced cellular response and drug resistance in CNS tumours.
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