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Monday the 30th of November 2015 is the first day of 3rd IGMC
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Prof. Sudhir Kumar

Sudhir Kumar
Director, iGEM@Temple
Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine
Carnell Professor, Department of Biology
Temple University (SERC 602A)
Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA
Sudhir Kumar is the Laura H. Carnell Professor and the Director of the Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine at Temple University. Kumar has developed new methods and algorithms for big data, and has translated them into widely used software packages and knowledge bases, such as MEGA and TimeTree. He uses integrative and comparative approaches to make fundamental discoveries in the fields of molecular evolution, functional genomics, and biomedicine. A common theme of Dr. Kumarís research is the use of comparative analysis to reveal genome differences that are outcomes of natural selection on novel mutations. The taxonomic breadth of his studies spans the tree of life and the timescale of mutation transmission ranges from generation to generation and cell division to cell division. The resulting patterns of evolutionary conservation and divergence form the basis of a Pattern-Process-Prediction-Product (P4) approach that enables research investigations ranging from scaling the tree of life to time (Timetree of Life) to forecasting disruptive mutations found in personal germline and somatic genomes (Phylomedicine).
Kumarís research has been cited more than 90,000 times. One of his scientific articles was included in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science top-100 most-cited papers of all time and designated the top article of the decade by The Scopus database of peer-reviewed literature.He has published numerous citation classics and hot papers. He received an Innovation Award in Functional Genomics from the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund in 2000 and is a fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science.
In 1998, Kumar joined the Arizona State University as an assistant professor and became the Regents professor in 2012. Kumar joined Temple University in 2014 as the founding director of the Institute for Genomics and Evolutionary Medicine, a hub for transdisciplinary research in medicine, informatics, and molecular evolution. The Institute faculty focuses on the discovery of evolutionary patterns and processes underlying the diversity of life on earth and uses that knowledge in genomics and precision medicine.
Kumar received his bachelorís degree in electrical and electronics engineering and masterís degree in biology from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science in India in 1990. He completed his Ph.D. degree in genetics at Penn State in 1996.
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